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The museum’s ground floor lobby takes the visitor through a Time Line covering important happenings and personalities of the past. Another corner of the lobby is dedicated to the army’s Commander-in-Chiefs and Chiefs of Army Staff. Dawn of Independence on 14 August 1947 and the birth of Pakistan Army are also depicted here. Transformation from Headquarters Northern Command (Army in India) to General Headquarters (Pakistan Army) and Quaid-e-Azam’s interaction with Pakistan Army have also been displayed through a diorama.

Indo-Pakistan border violations, skirmishes including Kashmir War of Oct 1947 – Night 31 December 1948 / 1 January 1949 and 1965 Indo-Pakistan War are covered in two galleries captioned ‘Trials & Tribulations’ and ‘Finest Hour’ respectively. Besides battlefield maps, enlargements, photographs and table models, Nishan-i-Haider awardees Captain Muhammad Sarwar, Major Muhammad Tufail and Major Aziz Bhatti’s actions and martyrdom and Naik Saif Ali Janjua’s award of Hilal-i-Kashmir are there in the gallery. Major operations covered are of Rann of Kutch, battles of Chhamb, Lahore, Khem Karan, Rajasthan Sector and Sialkot including destruction of Indian armour at the battle of Chawinda. Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy have their respective display areas.

A gallery named ‘Supreme Sacrifices’ is devoted to the 1971 Indo-Pakistan War, Lipa Valley action, Siachin and Kargil operations. Computer generated special effects, paintings, map enlargements and photographs of Shuhada give a scintillating portrayal of Nishan-i-Haider awardees Major Muhammad Akram, Naik Mahfooz and Sowar Muhammad Hussain’s actions. Lieutenant Colonel Raja Muhammad Akram Hilal-i-Jurat’s action at Bara Pind and Captain Haroon Rasheed’s action in East Pakistan, Lipa Valley action, battle of Zafarwal, attack and capture of Chhamb and capture of Qaiser-e-Hind are also covered here. War on the roof of the world covering heliborne operations, beating back enemy infantry attacks on Kargil peaks, downing of enemy fighter air crafts in that treacherous terrain and battling the forces of nature while in an igloo are also included in this gallery.

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A Nishan-i-Haider Gallery has on display of portraits, photographs, personal effects, citations and gallantry awards of Nishan-i-Haider awardees.

War on terror is the subject of this gallery. Operations in Swat, Malakand and South Waziristan are depicted through maps, photographs and data. The visuals and data relating to terrorists’ activities, their operations and reactions by Pakistan Army, effects on the lives of the families of wounded and shuhada and rehabilitation measures undertaken by the army are included here.

Army’s response to disasters, nation building & United Nations Peace keeping operations are the subject matter of this gallery captioned ‘Service to Humanity’. Pakistan Army’s contribution and actions in United Nations peace keeping operations and during major disasters such as Earthquake of 2005, floods in various parts of the country and air crashes, development of infrastructure through organizations like National Logistic Cell, Frontier Works Organization, Special Works Organization, Fauji Foundation, Pakistan Ordnance Factories etc are also reflected through photographs and displays.

A Small Arms Gallery includes one of the finest small arms collections in the world. This includes displays ranging from the earliest times to the present day and includes stone age weapons displays, bows and arrows of medieval era, muskets, rifles, hand guns, regulation rifles and machine guns.
The Courtyard has displays of the Pakistan Army Aviation’s fixed and rotary wing aircraft. A thrilling band display takes place on selected days in the museum’s court yard.

The first floor of the museum has been dedicated to Regiments and Corps displays. All arms and services have been allotted spaces in the available galleries for displaying their corps and regiments artifacts. A separate gallery has displays of military bands equipment and dress items.

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