The Message of

Chief of Army Staff

for Pakistan Army Museum

By the grace of Allah Almighty, the Army Museum has been built to preserve the history of Pakistan Army and eulogize the Army’s illustrious role in nation’s past, present and future. It will educate and engage our present and future generations about Army and its contributions towards nation building; honour army’s values, such as patriotism, loyalty and integrity while providing an understanding of what it means to serve the motherland and pay tribute to our officers and men whose selfless devotion, leadership and sacrifices have made our nation proud.

While a large part of the collection represents wars against our arch enemy, a big gallery exclusively celebrates the heroes of ongoing struggle against terrorism. This gallery glorifies resilience and resolve of our nation to win this insidious war and pays tribute to our Shuhada. Selected passages from the national history, the images and emblems, the flags and colours, maps and mementoes, war trophies and artifacts will involve a visitor on a breathtaking trip along Pakistan Army’s tour de force through annals of our glorious history. The remarkable collection represents our triumphs and trials in fighting and winning the nation’s wars.

I will particularly encourage our youth, the guarantor of our prosperous future, to visit the museum and realize the intensity of sacrifice, pride and resolve of men in uniform.

Long Live Pakistan